Michael and David Morton

Our history begins with great-grandfather, Hymie, who owned a “nickel shot and beer” tavern in Iron Mountain, Michigan.  Our grandfather Morton C. Morton learned the ropes from Hymie and eventually opened his own place on Chicago’s Southside.  Our grandfather’s place began as a tavern, too, but guests would come in after work for a drink and our grandmother Isabel would often serve them a sandwich with it.  Soon people were coming in for the cuisine and warm hospitality as much as the cocktails. Our dad, Arnie, got his flair for the business from Mort and Isabel’s love for dressing up and entertaining.  Arnie began his career by opening a swank private club in Chicago called The Walton Walk where Hugh Hefner liked to hang out. The Playboy Clubs grew out of that friendship and, together, with “Uncle Victor” Lownes they expanded the brand across the globe. Arnie went on to develop many other brands including: Zorine’s, a private disco club known for its spectacular interior design and lavish buffets; Arnie’s, an Art Deco-adorned fine dining restaurant; a steakhouse brand, for which he is best remembered, and the Taste of Chicago, the first citywide food festival, which has been imitated nearly everywhere.

While our dad was directing the show, we mopped kitchen floors, seated dining rooms, worked behind the stoves and managed some of his restaurants.  During this time, he gave us the best gift he could have given us.  We learned from him what it takes to craft an experience for the utmost enjoyment.  As brothers, creating MB Steak together brings our best memories of our family’s history to life. We are here to honor this legacy. Welcome to MB Steak.